Personal bests

Free Immersion: 32m (Greece, 2016)

No Fins (Official): 32m (Honduras, 2017 - Depth World Championships)

BREATH-HOLD: 4 mins 20 sec (static, UK, 2017) 


Adam Mustoe, British Freediver

I am a British freediver. Freediving is the skill to submerge as deep as possible underwater on a single breath-hold. I began freediving in January 2016 and today I am proud to have been selected as a member of the British Freediving Association's team to represent Britain in Honduras.  

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About Freediving


Freediving or skin diving is a form of underwater diving where divers hold their breath for long periods of time, and rely on their own abilities rather than using breathing apparatus.

It is an ancient art that goes back to traditional fishing techniques such as spear fishing and oyster diving. The divers would practice meditative breathing techniques to improve their lung capacity, and ability to stay calm.

it has three main disciplines - static breath hold, distance underwater & depth. Depth discipline is the most commonly associated & recognisable form and is broken down into three competitive methods (in order of difficulty); Free immersion (FI), constant weight with fins (CWT) & constant weight without fins (CNF).