I have been pursuing CNF (freediving without fins) in 2017 after falling in love with the feeling of freedom and natural movement it provides. It is arguably the purest & most athletic of the competitive freediving disciplines. The unaided ascent is a greater challenge as you swim against negative buoyancy.

Personal Targets


  • 30m - 40m CNF dive in competition at the individual world depth championships.


  • Dedicate myself to the next levels of training & professional development.
  • Achieve an AIDA International top 100 ranking in no fins depth diving.

Greece, 2016

AIDA world team freedive Championships

I was chosen in September 2016 to represent Britain as a reserve member of the British team. I was in the pre-competition as an individual, alongside the seven other athletes. Although I did not compete in the world championships on this occasion, I was there to support the team and I trained alongside them and achieved a personal best of 32m in free immersion.  

White card

My First Official competition Result

I began freediving in January 2016 and later in that year, received an invite to Greece. This gave me the chance to acquire my first official dive and a personal best. The dive comprised a free immersion to 32m, which is where you pull yourself down a line to a predetermined depth, retrieve a white card and return to the surface. The whole dive takes about 90 seconds.     


Honduras, 2017

Individual world depth championships (22 Aug - 3 Sep)

This tournament is the individual world depth championships. This means, as a British freediver, I will be diving competitively and equally alongside all other athletes.

The British Team

British Freediving Association

I am proud to have been given the opportunity to compete alongside athletes representing Britain. Being a reserve team member in 2016 gave me insights into the sport that would have otherwise been impossible and has led to the chance to compete in Honduras.  


The British Freediving Association


The British Freediving Association (BFA, also known as AIDA-UK) is an organisation established in the United Kingdom during 1999 to promote the safe practice of both competition and recreational freediving. It is the British affiliate of AIDA International. The BFA is the sole body that selects teams for international competitions conducted by AIDA International and ratifies any UK record attempts. The British Freediving Association organises UK Freediving pool and depth competitions every year.

Thanks to Daan verhoeven for some of the images on this page