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£5-10 - A shout-out on social media

£30 - A video shout-out on social media thanking you for your

£50 - Public shoutout on social media, vlog entry mention and space on my t-shirt which will be worn at the competition

£100 - Public shout out via social media and vlog entry mention, plus space on my competition t-shirt, rash vest worn in training and competition & signed photograph of my dive

£200 - Social media shout out, vlog thank you, space on my comp tshirt & rash vest, signed photograph of my dive plus a signed print from my wildlife photography (portfolio or from the competition)

£600 - Social media shout out and vlog Thankyou, plus space on my comp t-shirt & rash vest, signed photograph of my dive and a LE full size print of one of my pieces of art Springbank 10 whisky inspired interpretive painting 37" x 27"

£1000 - I will speak at your school, office, or event (agreed upon time and place) about freediving of play a 2hr acoustic music set at your venue. Also includes a vlog Thankyou, signed dive photograph and space on my competition apparel

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